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Tobias originally studied at the University of Staffordshire gaining his BA(Hons) 3D Design & Crafts in 2011. He soon realised that his skills and passion lay in 3 dimensional crafts and objects and  in his second year discovered the unused forge in the department, and his path was set on  becoming an Artist-Blacksmith. From this point on he couldn't  see himself in any other media ..... his forge-soul was born.


Luckily his enthusiasm and raw skills persuaded Hereford College of Technology to let him enter straight into the second year of the Diploma in Blacksmithing.


In his final year, he was fortunate to have been awarded a Bursary from the Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths.  He  is now part of the craft community keeping traditional skills alive and flourishing in Hastings.



There has been an Overwrought Ironworks in Hastings for many years providing the community with the traditional services of an iron worker.  However it was only in 2014 when Tobias Cobrin took over the sadly silent workshop, and built and then lit his handmade forge, did it spring back into life and become Overwrought Forge, providing the full range of handcrafted and handforged products from small domestic items to gates and railings.